Bi Tai consensus Club
BitTac is a more advanced system of encrypted monetary
BitTac accelerates the concept of incubation and establish
   es a perfect eco business system
BitTac will bring continuous revenue to token holders.                          
BitTac will give promoters high promotional benefits.                            

Project introduction

     Founded in September 2018, the BitTac Foundation in Singapore is a joint venture between the European block-chain hedge fund Blackchain Capital and the leading US mainboard listed company First Data Corporation. It is now based in Singapore and is transported by the top European and US financial institutions. Team management. The company is committed to promoting technology research and development of block chains. It will build a brand-new community economic model around various application areas of the BitTac community. It will open up the functions of transaction, payment, settlement, and value-added services in the process of community development. It will establish the basic BitTac card system and participate in various aspects. Application of branch investment incubation.

BitTaC token

【Token】: BitTac
Name: butai consensus
Limit: 150 million
Initial: 20 million, Bittac Token = 0.1usd
Phase II: 50 million, Bittac Token =0.15USD
Phase III: 80 million, Bittac Token =0.2USD
Price: 0.5usd Start: October 01, 2018
Currency: RMB,ETH,BTC

Intelligent trading profit

Intelligent quantization

Quantitative investment refers to the way of trading by means of quantification and computer programming to obtain stable income.

Brick removal profit

The basic principle of brick arbitrage is to buy coins from places where prices are low and then sell them where prices are high to earn the difference and make a profit.

Trend trading

Trend trading is relatively complex it will be set by computer program intelligence according to market prices, trend indicators, when the price or quantity reaches a certain value, the signalling of selling, renting and buying is issued to automatically trade or remind the user to trade.

Hedging transaction

Hedging transaction is a transaction that is carried out on one or different platforms at the same time, with two transactions related to the market, trading in the opposite direction, the same number of trades, and the profit and loss offset, in order to hedge against risk.

BitTac business area

 Top local financial operations team management in Singapore. Our business mainly focuses on southeast Asian international business in mainland China, Malaysia, Cambodia and Singapore. Founding shareholders of the foundation have very strong entertainment resources in southeast Asia and will gradually open up eco-economic systems such as tourism, real estate and exchange wallet. Blockchain Capital, Europe's famous Blockchain hedge fund, has co-launched the Singapore BitTac foundation. Blockchain Capital is a venture Capital firm founded in 2013 by Brock Pierce, chairman of the board of the bitcoin foundation, and venture capitalist Bart Stephens, among others. Website: website:  Established on 7 April 1989, FirstDataCorporation is a global provider of e-commerce and payment solutions to merchants, financial institutions and card issuers. Website:

Company team

Company executive summary

Karl Tietze


Master'sdegree from Cambridge University and MBA degree from INSEAD. He worked in the investment banking division of Goldman Sachs and started working at Advent International in 2012.

Introduction to technical team

Alex  Sabri

Alex Sabri joined Blizzard after earning a bachelor's degree from the University of California, Los Angeles branch, worked on the Warcraft and StarCraft series, and ran the official community.

Introduction to technical team

Pilippe  Shelkovniko

Pilippe Shelkovniko, with master's degrees from Columbia University and the Vienna School of Economics and Business, has been active in international payments and banking technology field and has served as First Data's operations manager for Central and Southern Europe.

Introduction to technical team

Ragnar  Malkus

Ragnar Malkus has been working to build relationships between technology companies and cooperative partners, including leading the Facebook developer network and Google's new business development. He is an active investor and adviser to early technology start-ups and works for Bank of America.

White paper

B I t t a c invite you to join us, Wants to rethink the current state of the cybersecurity landscape.
Don't miss the opportunity to participate!

Future outlook

The BitTac community will first introduce online gaming and offline entertainment to realize the entertainment application of BitTac. The founding shareholders of the foundation have very strong entertainment resources in southeast Asia, which will be open to community members in succession.
In July 2019, BitTac foundation and financial giant of Wall Street launched the decentralized wallet of high intelligent quantitative arbitrage jointly developed, and BitTac launched the mainstream secondary market, and the online price was 0.50 usd.
In December 2018, BitTac foundation's supernode overseas seminar honored top leaders on a luxury pure play tour.
BitTac will also work with strategic partners to develop investment projects in seaside resort apartments in southeast Asia, as well as luxury tourism projects around the world.
Community members will be able to use BitTac for cross-border shopping settlement, the BitTac foundation will form partnerships with multiple cross-border duty-free stores, and BitTac's payment function will be expanded globally.
In October 2018, the BitTac fund entered the asia-pacific market for the first time, with BitTac trading at $0.1.
Common problem

Members can purchase supporting products according to their needs, which are divided into four basic supporting facilities and one super node supporting facilities, which are respectively $100, $500, $1,000, $5,000 and $30,000 super node supporting facilities. When you purchase the product, you will become an honored member of BitTac. Each supporting device provides different leverage, increasing your static assets S assets and releasing them at the rate of two thousandths per day.

The business of BitTac covers southeast Asia, covering financial technology, mobile travel, Internet of things, real estate tourism, platform incubation, quick payment, etc. BitTac intelligent quantitative trading sends out purchase and purchase orders through quantitative methods and computer programming, so as to achieve stable returns, and fully realize intelligent and technological blockchain. The quantitative trading of BitTac is mainly divided into high-frequency trading, trend trading, hedging trading and brick trading. In the traditional trading market, the proportion of quantitative auxiliary trading is more than 20%, which is an important investment method for investors and professional traders. However, the application of quantitative trading in the investment field of digital currency is very small. Under the trend of the blockchain Internet, the quantitative trading service in the digital currency market has great imagination space.

Global payments leader FDC USA mainboard-listed company co-sponsored Singapore BitTac foundation. Established on April 7, 1989, First Data Corporation is a global supplier of e-commerce and payment solutions to merchants, financial institutions and card issuers. The company is divided into three divisions: Merchant Solutions, Financial Services and International. The types of services provided by companies are divided into integrated payment systems (IPS), First Data Government Solutions(FDGS), small enterprises and organized companies. IPS mainly provides remittance service; FDGS provides payment systems and related technologies to government departments. The company's official website:

Blackchain Capital, Europe's famous blockchain hedge fund, co-launched Singapore's BitTac foundation. Blackchain Capital is a venture Capital firm founded in 2013 by Brock Pierce, chairman of the board of the bitcoin foundation, and venture capitalist Bart Stephens, among others. The company already has four funds, and currently, Blockchain Capital's Blockchain portfolio includes start-ups such as bitcoin remittance app Abra, Blockchain technology company Blockstream, bitcoin company Coinbase, ruibo Ripple and Blockchain technology platform Wave. The official website:

B I t t a c finance
Headquarter address: Singapore
Contact number: 020-000-0000
The investment has the risk, enters the market to need to be careful

Trading products are high risk, high yield investment varieties; Investors should have higher risk identification ability, capital strength and risk tolerance ability. Investors should allocate their assets reasonably and not use all their funds for investment. They should not borrow money for investment